Resources for Teaching Portfolio Chart

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    Kurita, K. & Lui, Y (2020) TP Chart worksheet and slides,

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2020.08.16_TPC_worksheet_en TP Chart worksheet (Referred in ICED 2020 proceedings)

2019.09.24_TPChartWS_v3.12e_v5 This is slides which were shown a WS held in University College Cork, Ireland on September 24, 2019. This can be used like power point slides. This WS was face to face format, but it still work for a WS by online format.

2019.09.24_TPChartWS_v3.12e_v5_4up Handouts for participants, which are 4 slides per page.

2019.09.25_TPchartWS schedule1_v1.4  Time table for the WS of creating TP chart.