Transforming the Path of Your Endeavors
into Meaningful Artifacts

Crafting a portfolio
that shapes the trajectory of your activities,
fosters self-understanding, propels reform,
and illuminates the path to the bright future.

Kayoko Kurita Lab

What is Teaching Portfolio?

Teaching Portfolio is ”a coherent and selected document that carefully reflects on one’s own teaching performance with solid evidence to support the satements.”
Let’s reflect on educational activities, become aware of our own philosophies, and identify the direction for the future.
Depending on the depth of reflection and the purpose of creation, we will use TP (Teaching Portfolio), TP chart, and TS (Teaching Statement) as appropriate.

What is Academic Portfolio?

Academic Portfolio (AP), compared to the TP, expands the scope of reflection to the entire range of faculty activities: teaching, research, and service (administration and social contribution).

How to Develop

For those who are interested in creating a TP, it is possible to create a TP on your own, but in order to create a high-quality TP easily, we recommend that you share your TP with others or have a mentor to accompany you in the creation of your TP.

How to Implement

For those who are interested in introducing the system to universities.TP, TP charts, and TS differ in ease of implementation.
First, let us clarify what we are introducing the system for. Broadly speaking, is it to improve education, is it to be used for educational performance evaluation, or is it aimed at both?


Information on pamphlets, books, research papers, etc., related to TP and AP, can be found here.

Research papers, Reports, etc.
Video (For self-study)